Julian Togelius gives guest lecture for IGGI students

Posted 09th November 2016

 Julian Togelius guest lecture Nov 2016 full size


We were lucky to have Professor Julian Togelius from New York University to give a guest lecture on Professor Richard Bartle’s Game Design course.

Julian gave a great talk on what AI can do for games, and what games can do for AI, and discussed the progress in each of these areas, and how Game AI challenges and competitions are evolving to address ever more complex and interesting tasks – with Go AI already super-human the next challenges are in creative tasks such as procedural content generation, novel game generation, and in hard AI problems such as General Video Game AI, and StarCraft AI.  Current StarCraft bots are at weak amateur level, but with some big players such as Google DeepMind now involved, we may see super-human bots within the next few years!