Welcome from our Director

Posted 04th April 2016

peter cowling

I love games - they allow me to explore interesting decisions in a playful environment. I love research - finding creative solutions to problems and improving people's lives through digital innovation. Games are important to society: billions of people's lives are enhanced through play. Games are economically important: the UK is one of the world's leading nations in digital games creation, in an industry worth over £60 billion worldwide (bigger than film and music).

IGGI is unique as a major (£12 million) investment in digital games research - with over 55 PhD researchers working with the games industry to create new, better games by injecting  research (the "Intelligent Games" part) and finding new, creative ways of using games to understand people and improve their lives (the "Game Intelligence" part). When IGGI researchers get together with partners from the games industry and stakeholders in education, healthcare, science and the arts, the research buzz is magical - IGGI's size is just right to foster strong team spirit while being able to take on big research challenges.

I feel privileged to work with a sparky, innovative group every day, that share my passion for games and research. I hope that you might join us - and in the mean time, if you encounter me online in Starcraft 2 or Hearthstone, go easy on me :)!