Andrei Iacob

Andrei Iacob

Identifying the State of Cognitive Flow Using EEG and Other Physiological Signals. (Industry placement at Sony SIE)

This research project aims to discover identifiers for the cognitive flow state within EEG signals and behaviour over time patterns. More specifically, the aim is to be able to: 1. Classify a trial of EEG data as belonging to a cognitive flow state, based on markers in EEG; 2. Observe EEG pattern changes from a baseline state towards a state of cognitive flow. This would lead to better games in the future, giving developers more knowledge into what makes games immersive, as well as giving them a tool to measure that effect. The plan for the project involves gathering data from a number of experienced participants playing League of Legends in a carefully designed experiment that reduces data corruption as much as possible, and analysing the data in an exploratory process of pattern matching and artefact discovery (EEG treasure hunt).

Andrei is a 22-year-old PhD Candidate based at the University of Essex, studying Brain-Computer Interfaces with applications in computer games. He completed a BSc Computer Science with 1st class Honours at the University of Essex, and has worked as a software intern for Wolfson Microelectronics and Cirrus Logic.

Home institution: Essex

Supervisors: Dr Francisco Sepulveda, Dr Mick Grierson

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