Jen Beeston

Jen Beeston

Digital Gaming and Interactive Technologies for Neurological Care Centres. (Industry placement at Sue Ryder)

This PhD project focuses on the potential of digital gaming to improve the wellbeing of people within neurological care facilities and is supported by staff and residents at Sue Ryder Holme Hall Neurological Care Home. It will also investigate interactive technologies to support gaming and recreational therapy in these environments.


Previous research findings suggest that digital games can improve and support wellbeing. At present, however there are few guidelines or resources available to help guide staff at such centres to procure the most suitable technologies to support digital gaming. Particularly as neurological conditions can vary widely in terms of both cognitive and physical symptoms, it can be problematic in choosing suitable equipment and games on a limited budget. The aims of the research are to assess the benefits of games to those in care, to provide guidelines to support technology procurement in care centres, and to contribute to the current knowledge of inclusive design for digital game development.

Jen is lifelong gamer with a multidisciplinary background. She is interested in a wide range of aspects relating to gaming, such as psychology, design, media and more specifically, use of games to understand human behaviour. She has experience in media technology, psychology, environmental science and designing and developing small games using Unity. She is keen to broaden her skill set within the remit of the IGGI PhD to support her research into player experience. She is also a volunteer at a Sue Ryder Neurological Care Home, supporting gaming and recreational therapy activities.

Home institution: York

Supervisors: Dr Paul Cairns, Dr Chris Power

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