Jen Beeston

Jen Beeston

Inclusivity and wellbeing in digital games for players with disabilities. (Industry placement completed at Sue Ryder)

Jen’s research is focussed on the social experiences of players with disabilities in playing digital games. Her work aims to investigate whether these player’s experiences of gaming are different to other players, what effects alternative controls have upon play, and what it’s like for these players in multiplayer or online games. Her work explores whether players with disabilities engage in the social aspects of gaming in the same way as able players and therefore, whether there are barriers to gaming which go beyond control or cognition, that are social in nature.

Currently, Jen is working with the AbleGamers charity to understand and profile digital game players with disabilities. This is aimed at making it more readily possible for researchers and game developers to contact and work with a broad demographic of disabled players, to understand how to better accommodate and improve access to digital games. Jen has also been interviewing players of multiplayer games, both players with and without disabilities. This work investigates accessible player experiences in multiplayer game environments and how the use of assistive technology and accessibility features impact social play.


Jen is lifelong gamer with a multidisciplinary background. Jen is currently interested in player experience, diversity, inclusivity, social play, and game communities. She enjoys walking, thinking, reading and tabletop roleplaying games.

Home institution: York

Supervisors: Dr Paul Cairns, Dr Chris Power

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