Lisa Sha Li

Lisa Sha Li

Games, TV, and Modern Loneliness. (Industry collaboration with BT)

Loneliness has become a major public health problem. It affects us both mentally and physically, and can happen to anyone at any stage of life. Many efforts have been made in reducing loneliness, but few of them make great achievements. Lisa, as a research student in Computer Science, is devoting herself to exploring whether the age of information technology can help the age of loneliness.


At this stage, Lisa is doing ethnographic study to find out the causes, needs, and challenges in terms of loneliness and people’s digital media life. The next stage is to propose a design for a possible solution to a specific problem, using game theories, TV technologies, and other relevant knowledge. Later on, some prototypes will be developed to present, evaluate, and prove the design. An early idea is to add different personalities to televisions to make them a desired companion for those suffering from loneliness.

Inspired by the observation of everyday life, Lisa tries to find better solutions to problems which need to be considered from both artistic and informatics perspectives. She is now a research student at the University of York. She is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh where she received an MSc in Advanced Design Informatics, with Distinction. Her earlier degree is B.Eng in Digital Media Arts (Xiamen University, Software School). She spent half a year in Taiwan as an exchange student in 2012. She did a summer internship developing VR games with the Two Big Ears, back in 2014.

Home institution: York

Supervisors: Professor Marian Ursu, Dr Paul Cairns

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