Rokas Volkovas

Rokas Volkovas

Tool Assisted Game Design

Trying to make systems help game designers design games at their core, the mechanics, level. The ultimate goal of the research is to produce a tool, on which the designers rely on as much as musicians rely on DAWs, artists on painting programs or programmers on custom IDEs. In the same perfect world, games no longer are rehashes of the same game that came out last year in a new setting, filled with otherwise near-identical gameplay decisions.

Attempting to do it by defining a minimal mechanics representation and simulating the learning curve experienced by the player to estimate the quality of the mechanics generated. In other words, figuring out an appropriate game mechanics representation at the abstract level and building evolutionary systems to evaluate them without actually generating the games, which is done by the designer.

Rokas is an MEng Electronic Engineering graduate from University of Southampton. Initially, pushed away from programming in school due to being taught Pascal, he realized its power in the compulsory C course in University. Applying the knowledge to building games caused the gradual shift from electronics to software development, with the 4th year modules all having the CS tag. During the undergraduate studies Rokas held the UKESF scholarship and did 2 summer internships at Imagination Technologies. Interests in game and software development got him researching neuroevolutionary machine learning for video games.

Home institution: Queen Mary

Supervisors: Dr John Woodward, Professor Simon Lucas

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