Gorm Lai

Gorm Lai

PCG: Evolving Animated Fantasy Creatures for Games and VR

The aim of my PhD project is to research algorithms and human / computer interaction methods that can be used to create a tool that will let a game designer direct and evolve believable digital creatures, from nothing to full model using machine learning, with the purpose of being able to directly use and export those creatures’ animations and meshes into existing asset pipelines.

The ideal output of such a tool / set of algorithms, is a polygonal mesh with a bone structure and several weighted animations similar to the output of industry standard 3d modelling and animation packages such as Maya and 3D Studio Max, potentially saving modellers and animators thousands of hours of work.


Gorm Lai is a Leeds-based, veteran indie game developer and freelance programmer, who has worked on several BAFTA awarded titles. He is a great community enthusiast, and is the co-founder of the annual Nordic and Global Game Jams. The Global Game Jam has been recorded into the Guinness Book of World Records, and has more participating countries than the Winter Olympics.

He has published several papers and taught university level courses on game engine design and computer graphics.

Gorm is now looking forward to taking part in the IGGI PhD program.

Home institution: Goldsmiths

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