Matthew Whitby

Matthew Whitby

Examining Emerging Interaction Methods in Game Installations and their Application for Creating Emotive Experiences

The proposed research involves an investigation of the emerging medium of Game Based Installations (GBI), with a focus on unique interaction methods that create emotive experiences for players. GBI incorporate their surrounding physical environment, allowing the designer to craft an experience knowing exactly where the player will be and their possible interactions with the game itself. Taking inspiration from Escape rooms and the success of Alternate Reality Games (ARG), to create something emotively encapsulating.

Merging the digital and real world has been explored with other mediums, such as Augmented Reality Games (ARG) and some Virtual Reality Games (VR). The success of Pokémon Go (Niantic, 2016), Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Steel Crate Games, 2015) or the developing technology presented within RoomAlive (Microsoft, 2014), shows that there is commercial value in incorporating the physical world into digital applications. However, GBI differ from other mediums because it offers a crafted experience that merges both traditional game and locative media interaction methods.

For me, my dissertation was the highlight of my university degree. The process of research, iteration and development while working with Game installations was fascinating. I discovered that I have a passion for the academic process, even managing to get my dissertation published within the Games Journal. I have also been fortunate enough to have experienced a six-month internship over in Amsterdam, working for Motek Medical. The experience was incredibly enjoyable, working on my own project daily while developing industry knowledge for processes.

Outside of academia, I take part in performing stand-up comedy which has been a good outlet in building confidence when speaking publicly. Another hobby would be game-development, working on a bunch of smaller projects and prototypes that stem from niche/quirky game concepts. I enjoy exploring voids in design space, seeing what has never been done before and exploring the whys and how.

Home institution: York

Supervisor: Dr Sebastian Deterding

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