Queen Mary, University of London Supervisors List

Introducing our new potential supervisors from Queen Mary, University of London. If you are interested in applying to work in a research area linked to one of their research interests, contact them to discuss possibilities. 

Dr Eliane Bodanese. Intelligent sensing and pattern recognition applied to games for healthcare (especially elder-care, mental health monitoring). Email Website

Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns. Games & Interaction Design. Email Website

Prof Andrea Cavallaro. Deep Learning in Games. Email Website 

Anthony Constantinou. Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making in Games. Email Website

Dr John Drake. Game AI techniques for automated heuristic design, noisy optimisation/automated game design. Email Website

Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov. Game theory to study human-agent/machine/robot multimodal interaction. Email Website

Prof Patrick Healey. Intelligent Dialogue Systems for Games, Games and the study of interaction (gestures, social). Email Website

Dr Anne Hsu. Games & the study of human decision making. Email Website

Dr Lorenzo Jamone. Artificial intelligence, perception and cognition for Virtual Characters in Games; telepresence and embodiment. Email Website

Prof Simon Lucas. General Video Game AI, Noisy Optimisation. Email

Prof Peter McOwan.  Games and the study of perception and cognitions, Life-Long Synthetic Companions. Email Website

Dr Ioannis Patras. Deep Learning in Games, Affect Analysis for Games, Games with a purpose. Email Website

Dr Diego Pérez-Liébana. General Video Game AI, Believable Characters. Email

Prof Massimo Poesio. Dialogue Systems and Games, Games with a Purpose. Email 

Dr Matthew Purver. Computational linguistics applied to games: human-like conversational characters, analysing dialogue between players. Email Website

Dr Joshua Reiss. Procedural audio for games, intelligent game audio engines. Email Website

Prof Mark Sandler. Semantic Audio for Games. Email Website

Dr Yi-Zhe Song. Vision-based Games, Social Drawing Games, Deep Learning in Games. Email Website 

Dr Tony Stockman. Audio-based games, games for people with visual impairment. Email Website

Dr Laurissa Tokarchuk. Reinforcement Learning and Games. Email Website

Dr John Woodward. Genetic Programming and Games, Games and Real-World Simulations and Problem Solving. Email

Dr Tao (Tony) Xiang. Lifelong learning in games, deep learning, games with a purpose (for computer vision). Email Website