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For a general overview check out our About page.

For those of you interested in collaboration with iGGi PhD Researchers please take a look at our student profiles and/or the iGGi CON 2021 student profile brochure and/or our range of Themes to learn more about individual students' research interests and ongoing work. Coming soon: selected industry partners will get their own space on the iGGi website and will be able to advertise tailored content to iGGi Researchers to facilitate two-way look-up.

If you consider applying for a fully-funded studentship with iGGi then you may want to read up on details about our current recruitment round here. You can locate potentially suitable supervisors via the "Accepting students" tag, and browse iGGi staff and students via the iGGi Themes. It might also be useful to dip into our last conference's student Buzz Talks and/or profile brochure to get ideas and inspiration from existing iGGi PhD Researchers.

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If you wish to contact us regarding the above or for anything else, please submit your query via our contact form or email info@iggi.org.uk.

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