Alan Pedrassoli Chitayat

Alan is a researcher that uses machine learning to extract insightful and meaningful information from esport data. His work investigates ways of understanding player decision making through game events during professional matches of esport titles, such as Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Having worked in the esport industry, both as a software engineer as well as within the research area, Alan has a good insight into what is needed in the field and how to move forward. His research aims to derive the meaning behind actions taken by very proficient players, in a fast paste volatile environment. This would allow for more comprehensive and in-depth coverage of esport tournaments as well as providing a novel insight into human decision making under pressure, particularly in highly competitive environments.

Through his research, Alan aims to identify strategies employed by teams, as well as study decision making on an individual basis. His research aims at connecting the two to create more context in the environment and ultimately derive player intent in a explainable and presentable manner.