Charline Foch

Charline Foch is a researcher who comes from a humanities background, and developed an interest in the way we tell stories and the way those choices may impact audiences. After a shift to video games, her work focuses on failure and the (possible) positive effects failure may have in a gaming experience.

After a BA in Literature and Film Studies, and a MSc in Film, Exhibition and Curation, Charline made a shift in her professional trajectory. She worked as a Customer Support Agent in an independent video games studio in Berlin, familiarizing herself with the fast and ever-changing pace of the development of a highly competitive MMORPG. Customer Support may not have been her thing, but video games proved to be.

Her research aims at exploring that space between the desirable and non-desirable aspects of failure for game developers and players alike by examining existing games, and player experience of concepts such as failure, difficulty and challenge. The focus of this project lies on the game design component, thus aligning with IGGI’s research theme ‘Game Experience and Design’. This project aims at proposing a toolbox for game studios to gain a better understanding of the experience(s) of failure across a variety of games genres and mechanics, and find creative new ways of exploiting failure in their games that will be engaging for players.