Dr Ben Kirman

University of York.

iGGi Training Coordinator.

Ben’s work covers a broad range of topics, from immersive theatre, dog technology, non-league football, radical cycle delivery, and time travelling robots, to educational games, esports, new situationism and dark magic. The unifying theme is play – as a method of doing research, a topic of study, and as expression or output in games or playful experiences. Designing and making is an important part of this process, and Ben has worked on dozens of games, tools, performances, weird objects andexperiences. This work, especially the more bizarre stuff, has often been covered by traditional media, including the BBC, New Scientist, Wired, The Guardian, TIME, Metro, the New York Times, the Lincolnshire Echo and even Your Cat magazine.

Ben is a lecturer in Interactive Media at the University of York, and is particularly keen on supervising students with strong creative drives, with an interest in design and a broad perspective on games and play. For example projects about;

  • Designing for crowds in arenas and stadiums.
  • Games for overly specific places and/or situations.
  • Counter- and Radical- game design for Whatever
  • Board games about trains
  • Smashing stuff to bits

Research themes:

  • Game Design
  • Computational Creativity
  • Sports with an E and without an E
  • Player Experience