Dr Claudio Guarnera

University of York.

Giuseppe Claudio Guarnera is a Lecturer in the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) research group in the Department of Computer Science, University of York.

He is also a Senior Researcher at NTNU, where he leads the Spectraskin project (Spectral Skin Modelling and Rendering for Realistic Digital Faces), aimed at increasing the photo-realism of digital faces in movies and video games. Since 2017 he is a Guest Researcher at the Department of General Psychology, Giessen University.

His research interests span computer graphics, computer vision, material and colour appearance,  applied perception, in order to answer questions such as: “how do we perceive the appearance of real world materials, and how do we best acquire and represent them to achieve photorealism and physical plausibility in games?”.

He is looking for motivated students, with a background in graphics, vision, AR/VR or experimental psychology.

Potential topics include:

  • Photo-realistic acquisition, representation and rendering of material appearance for games
  • Face avatars for games
  • Color constancy and material perception in AR/VR.

Research themes:

  • Games with a Purpose
  • Computational Creativity