Dr John Woodward

Queen Mary University of London.

Dr Woodward is head of the Operational Research Group at QMUL. His main research area is 

Automatically Building Better Algorithms – taking existing algorithms and improving them using machine learning and optimization techniques. Improvements may be in terms of accuracy, speed, power consumption, memory usage, or other measures. Applications include combinatorial optimization problems, continuous optimization problems, and other applications e.g. debugging software. 

He currently holds two EPSRC grants. TRANSIT looks at how we can automatically guide pilots during taxiing as to which path uses less fuel. This takes into account a large number of factors including e.g. weather conditions and aircraft type. FIXIE looks at how machine learning can automatically assist software developers find and fix bugs. For more details see https://gow.epsrc.ukri.org/NGBOViewPerson.aspx?PersonId=-485755

Over the past 10 years, Woodward has delivered workshops and tutorials at the top 3 conferences on Evolutionary Computation (GECCO, PPSN, CEC). He is a frequent contributor to The Conversation (https://theconversation.com/), a public engagement website. 

He is particularly interested in supervising students with a need to develop algorithms, particularly Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization algorithms.

Research themes:

  • Game AI
  • Game Analytics