Dr Tom Collins

University of York.

Tom Collins runs the Music Computing and Psychology Lab in the Music Department. Both in the lab and with collaborators across the globe, we apply the scientific method to explore:

  • Embedding AI in music and/or audio engines for games;
  • Web-based interfaces, the Web Audio API, and resultant possibilities for musical
  • creation, consumption, and collaboration;
  • Machine learning applied to music, including but not limited to automatic generation of
  • stylistic compositions, incorporation in software, and the technology's effect on student
  • education and work;
  • Discovery of repeated patterns in music, visual, and other domains;
  • NLP for editing and querying music scores (given a query like 'perfect cadence followed
  • by homophonic texture', retrieve the relevant events from a digital score);
  • Musical expectancy and emotions in music.

The lab’s work has been covered by BBC Click, The Times, and Financial Times among others. Tom is interested in supervising students who have a background in at least one of the following
areas, and who are interested in acquiring knowledge of the others:

  •  Music;
  • Full-stack JavaScript development and/or software engineering;
  • Music cognition;
  • Computer science.

Research themes:

  • Game AI
  • Game Audio and Music
  • Games with a Purpose
  • Computational Creativity