Elena Petrovskaya

Elena is a psychology researcher, having completed a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Human-Computer Interaction at UCL. Her PhD focuses on forms of in-game monetisation and their consequences for players. She is interested in understanding how aspects of game design for revenue generation may affect players both within and outside of games, as well as the ethical and socio-philosophical discussions which surround this. Elena’s priority is to contribute to the ongoing regulatory conversation around game monetisation to ensure a mutually beneficial and ethical situation for both the players and the industry can be achieved.

In her work so far, Elena has conducted a qualitative study with 1000+ players to create a taxonomy of microtransactions that players perceive to be unfair, aggressive, or misleading, and carried out a prevalence assessment of these techniques across the most popular desktop and mobile games. She has also explored ethical frameworks and how they can be applied to microtransactions and is currently working with the World Ethical Data Foundation. Additionally, Elena has contributed to government calls for evidence around game regulation, given talks at seminar series and conferences, and collaborated on a variety of related topics, such as loot box spending, esports betting, and changes to gameplay during COVID.