Oliver Withington

Oliver Withington is a researcher working on approaches for improving game content generation systems with designer-guided output diversity. His work aims to introduce new generative methods using state-of-the-art Quality-Diversity algorithms that game designers can implement to improve the utility and diversity of their automatic content generators.

After embarking upon an MSc in Computing and Information systems in 2018 to boost his professional skill-set, he fell in love with the world of game AI research through the work started during the final thesis. This, combined with a lifelong love of playing video-games and thinking about their design led to joining the IGGI programme in 2020. While he is interested in almost all aspects of game design, he is especially interested in procedural content generation systems and whether they can be made more consistently interesting to end users. He hopes that this work could lead to both more enjoyable gaming experiences for all, and potentially the unlocking of whole new approaches for generating game content, supporting wholly new experiences for both designers and players.