Ozan Vardal

Ozan Vardal is a PhD student investigating skill acquisition in action games, in particular how differences in sustained practice yield differences in learning outcomes across various time scales. His work takes advantage of open-source data analytics and large repositories of telemetry data describing player gameplay and performance through time. By combining observational studies of player data with theory-informed experiments, he aims to test and extend current theories of human learning.

For Esports and the wider games industry, the science of learning is broadly applicable. For instance, understanding patterns of play that accelerate skill acquisition can benefit players interested in high level competition, and support developers in the design of tutorials and coaching tools.

Ozan studied for his BSc in Psychology at the University of Groningen and MSc in Performance Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. Previously his work on learning and expert performance has included investigations of decision-making in sport psychology and skill acquisition in chess. Outside research he enjoys practicing jazz piano, weightlifting, and playing games with friends.