Prasad Sandbhor

Prasad is a play experience designer and design researcher interested in the area of applied games. He comes with seven years of professional experience of working in diverse domains such as ed-tech, healthcare, social safety, accessibility and sustainability. As a multidisciplinary design consultant, Prasad has been involved in designing apps, websites and games for Indian as well as international organisations. His experience of setting and leading design teams has helped him master strategic management skills. He has also been active as an independent game designer and has been designing games related to various ecological phenomena in collaboration with biodiversity experts. As a visiting faculty, he teaches applied game design and design thinking courses for Master’s degree design students in India. Prasad has been able to maintain his secret identity as a freelance author too. He writes short stories and essays in his native language, Marathi for newspapers and magazines.

Prasad was introduced to the field of design research and research based game design while pursuing his Master's Degree in Toy and Game Design. His graduation project dealt with designing inclusive games that people with visual impairment could play along with sighted people. This project helped him realise that he truly enjoys research. Having garnered varied experiences in the industry as well as academia, Prasad believes that he has more to contribute to the community specifically in the area of purposeful games for behaviour change. He thinks that his PhD research topic has a unique potential of motivating players to treat everyday pro-environmental choices as not only important and urgent but also easy and normal. The possibility of his work causing such a powerful impact motivates him to pursue it as a valuable opportunity to utilise his game design and research skills in the most meaningful manner.