Prof. Stephen Smith

University of York.

Stephen Smith is currently a professor of Electronic Engineering at the University of York and co-founder and director of ClearSky Medical Diagnostics Ltd., a spin-out from the University incorporated in 2013. Although Prof. Smith's first degree is in computer science, his work has always been centred on the application of computers to solve problems in medicine. He has worked in cardiology, mammography and audiology, but diagnosing and monitoring neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and dystonia have been the main thrust of his work for the past 15 years. His specialism in developing and applying "white box" machine learning to these problems has led to the filing of 12 patents of which nine have been granted to date. Since winning a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, Prof. Smith has been passionate about commercialisation of academic research and continues to embark on new ventures with medical centres worldwide.

He is particularly interested in supervising students with an interest in developing games (or more precisely, focused activities) that can assist assessment of targeted clinical conditions.

  • Co-creation with patients, their carers and healthcare professionals
  • Understanding the true clinical need
  • Contributing to designing clinical protocols that incorporate games safely and effectively
  • Analyzing data in a clinical context

Research themes:

  • Game AI

  • Game Analytics

  • Game Design

  • Games with a Purpose