Prof. Susan Stepney

Uniersity of York.

Susan Stepney researches on the border of unconventional material computing and Artificial Life. One aspect in particular is how to create in silico open-ended novelty – new things, new kinds of things, new kinds of kinds of things – through artificial chemistries, generative systems, and reflective computing.  She also has an interest in complex systems simulations, of both natural and artificial systems.

Susan was originally an astrophysicist, then worked in industry for 18 years in formal methods and software correctness; Since 2002 she has been Professor of Computer Science at York. She is currently Director of the York Cross-disciplinary Centre for Systems Analysis (YCCSA), and is Vice-President of the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL).

Susan is particularly interested in supervising students with an interest in

  • reflective computing for self-guided open-ended evolution

  • constructive and generative processes

Research themes:

  • Computational Creativity
  • Generative and evolutionary open-endedness