Theephob Sunny Thaicharoen

Sunny is an avid gamer turned game data tech entrepreneur, interested in trading card games (TCG), e-sports, game data and player research. His PhD research involves using game data analytics to deepen our understanding on e-sport metagames – the highest level of strategy in gameplay – with a focus on TCGs, including finding possible factors that affect gameplay at the highest level through player interaction and mass game data analysis, whilst exploring the cross-genre metagame factors and acceleration of the metagame discovery process.

Competitive esports and gaming have always been a significant part of Sunny's life. From organising card game tournaments, and through building his startup, YGOscope - the first data platform for physical trading card games, he realised that there is a lot more to uncover and that we don't know about this world of games and esports, and as someone who is deeply invested, he firmly believes that further pushing the boundaries of knowledge through research in this field is the way to give back to the community and field that's given him so much.